Wendy and Mark Stavish Chair

Distinguished Professor Gary Wells has done research on the efficacy and accuracy of police lineups for many years and has become one of the country’s leading experts on eyewitness testimony. Because of his groundbreaking work,...[more]


David Campbell/Fred Borgen Psychology Graduate Student International Travel Fund

The Campbell/Borgen Fund is designed to facilitate the early professional international experiences of ISU psychology graduate students by providing them with financial assistance up to $2,500. This fund has been established in...[more]


Harold V. Gaskill Psychology Fellowship

Dr. Gene A. Wallar created the Harold V. Gaskill Psychology Fellowship with a recent endowed contribution. Dr. Wallar graduated in 1934 with a B. S. degree in economics from Iowa State University. He later received M.S. and Ph.D....[more]


Martin F. Fritz Endowed Chair

The Department of Psychology is pleased to announce the establishment of the Martin F. Fritz Endowed Chair in Psychology, made possible through the generous contribution of Martin Fritz's son and daughter-in-law, Dr. Kentner...[more]