Dr. Ken Sufka presents “Getting Your College A-Game On”

December 3, 2019, 3:10-4:00pm | Gilman Hall 1051


Undergraduate Student Workshop: Getting Your College A-Game On.

Dr. Sufka is a professor of psychology and pharmacology at the University of Mississippi. He is also a former graduate of Iowa State University where he completed undergraduate and doctoral degrees in psychology.  Dr. Sufka will present an undergraduate student workshop titled “Getting Your College A-Game On” in which he will explain how students can earn better grades in college. The workshop is premised on his new book titled “The A Game: Nine Steps to Better Grades in which he developed a diagnostic checklist to identify the sources of poor student performance and compiled empirically-based strategies to promote course mastery. Students are also encouraged to attend Dr. Sufka’s colloquium.  The psychology department also wishes to acknowledge Dr. Sufka’s generosity for having established an undergraduate scholarship in the department in recognition of his mentors, Professors Richard A. Hughes and Ronald H. Peters. The Kenneth Sufka scholarship is a need-based scholarship open to juniors and seniors majoring in psychology. The award is typically $1000.