Conference Travel Funds

Travel funds are available from the LAS College and from Student Affairs and the Provost Office through the Undergraduate Conference Travel Fund (UCTF) as described on the following webpage:

Additionally, the department of Psychology has a limited pool of money that is available to psychology majors who are presenting work at a Psychology (or psychology-related) Conference.  In order to be considered for the department funds, psychology majors should begin their request for funds at the department level.  The amount received will become part of the information included on the UCTF application that is taken to the LAS College and then to the Provost Office.  The step-by-step application process is described below.   Department funds are distributed first-come, first-served and generally are in the $50-$150 range.  They are authorized by the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in Psychology.  For 2017-18, the DUS is Dr. Max Guyll,

The same UTCF application is used to request funds from the department, the college, and the provost office.

Steps in the application process:

1.  Complete the UCTF application form on the website shown above, including the essay that is described as point 1 on the application form.  Be reasonable and accurate in estimating expenses.  If you are driving, there will be a mileage rate associated with the distance to be travelled.  The DUS will help you with that if you don’t know it.

2.  Have the form signed by the faculty member or graduate student associated with the research (if there is one) or by your faculty advisor.  They should also look over your essay.

3.  Bring the completed UCTF form, including the essay, to the DUS along with a copy of the abstract of the accepted paper or presentation.  The DUS may suggest changes to make the application and/or essay stronger.  The DUS will provide the signature for the department (that is, the DUS will sign the application on the line that says “signature of department head”).  If department funds are available, the DUS will complete a line under “other funding requested” indicating both the amount that the department is giving and the name of the contact person for the department.

The UCTF application with the advisor and DUS signatures should then be submitted to the College and then to the Provost Office.