Spring 2020 Syllabi

Please be aware that:

*not all courses are offered every semester
*course content will vary by semester, year, AND instructor
*the current syllabus describes the current class. Class texts and assignments do not necessarily reflect past or future semesters.

Course Syllabi Instructor
Psych 101: Intro to Psych  S20 Phillips, L./Cooper/Guyll
Psych 111: Orientation to Psychology  S20 Baker/Phipps
Psych 112 1: Learning Community  S20 C Cutrona
Psych 112 2: Learning Community  S20 K Scheel
Psych 112 3: Learning Community  S20 K Towers
Psych 131: Academic Learning Skills – Full semester  S20 Various
Psych 211X: Career Opp In Psych – Full semester  S20 Various
Psych 230 1&2: Developmental Psych  S20 W Phillips
Psych 230XV: Developmental Psych  S20 Cheng
Psych 230XW: Developmental Psych  S20 Losby
Psych250: Psych of the Workplace  S20 Hanisch
Psych 280: Social Psych  S20 Hessling
Psych 280XV: Social Psych  S20 Hayes
Psych 280XW: Social Psych  S20 Kim
Psych 301A: Research Design & Method  S20 Crede
Psych 301B: Research Design & Method  S20 Cooper
Psych 301C: Research Design & Method Editions : 5th & 6th  S20 Guyll
Psych 302 1: Research Methods in Psych  S20 Smith
Psych 302 2: Research Methods in Psych  S20 Acerbo
Psych 302 3: Research Methods in Psych  S20 Grundy
Psych 302 4: Research Methods in Psych  S20 Hessling
Psych 310: Brain & Behavior  S20 Acerbo
Psych 312: Sensation & Perception  S20 Richie
Psych 314: Motivation  S20 Hessling
Psych 315: Drugs & Behavior  S20 Acerbo
Psych 316: Cognitive Processes  S20 J Chan
Psych/CI 333: Educational Psych  S20 A Baker
Psych 335: Abnormal Psych of Child & Adol  S20 M Marsee
Psych 346: Psych of Women  S20 K Scheel
Psych 360: Personality Psychology  S20 Nesbit
Psych/CJST 383: Psych & Law  S20 S Madon
Psych 386XV: Media Psychology  S20 C. More
Psych 386XW: Media Psychology  S20 K. More
Psych 405: History of Psych  S20 Scheel
Psych 413: Psych of Language  S20 Richie
Psych 422: Counseling Theories  S20 B Arterberry
Psych 422L 1: Co Theories  S20 Vidales
Psych 440 1-6: Psych Measurement  S20 P Armstrong
Psych 460A: Abnormal Psych  S20 Prieto
Psych 460B: Abnormal Psych  S20 S Nesbit
Psych 487 1&2: Human Aggression  S20 Allen
Psych 505: History of Psychology  S20 Scheel
Psych 522: Methods Human and Computer  S20 J Kelly
Psych 589X: Sy Neur: Brain and Behavior  S20 Willette
Psych 594G: Quant Method Long Anly  S20 Russell
Psych 594K: Quant Method Behavior Mediat  S20 Crede
Psych 595F: Sem Soc Psy: Health  S20
Psych 596B: Sem Couns Psy: Research  S20 Armstrong
Psych 598E: Seminar Cogntv: Evolution  S20 Cooper
Psych 623: Vocational Behavior  S20 Olson
Psych 633: Teaching of Psychology  S20 Prieto
Psych 691A: Practicum Beg Counseling  S20 Wei
Psych 691B: Practicum Int Counseling  S20 Wade
Psych 691C: Practicum Adv Counseling  S20 Wade
Psych 692Q: Research Seminar Cognitive  S20 Chan
Psych 692R: Research Seminar Social  S20 Costabile
CmDis 286: Communicating with the Deaf  S20 H Venkatagiri
CmDis 471 XW: Lang & Reading Development with Children  S20 H Venkatagiri
CmDis 480 A XW: Assess & Diagnosis of Comm Disorders  S20 H Venkatagiri
CmDis 492 XW: Com Dis Fieldwork  S20 H Venkatagiri
ComSt 101: Intro to Communication Studies  S20 K Blankenship
ComSt 203 1&2: Intro to Com Research Methods  S20 Costabile