Mary Still to Talk on Assessing the Intuitiveness of a Design, Not so Intuitive

June 21, 2017, 11:00am | W139 Lagomarcino Hall


Mary Still, Iowa State University Ph.D. psychology graduate (2009), currently at Old Dominion University, will be delivering an HCI related psychology colloquium on Wednesday, June 21, at 11:00 am.  The colloquium is scheduled for Lagomarcino Hall W139. All are welcome to attend.

Assessing the Intuitiveness of a Design, Not so Intuitive–Designers are tasked with creating intuitive interactions; ideally, users interact with a design by applying preexisting knowledge with minimal effort. But, even though use of the term intuitive is pervasive, the concept has not been well explicated in applied settings. Therefore, designers must also find a way to elicit user knowledge. The most common method is to ask users to reflect on their experience. This method is problematic as users may not be able to verbalize why an interface is intuitive. Alternatively, users could act on a design and then designers use the performance data to determine what is intuitive. We examined the effectiveness of these approaches by varying the intuitiveness of an interaction and comparing the data from each measure. We show that elicitation method affects the results and potentially impacts design decisions. Furthermore, completing one measure has the potential to contaminate subsequent measures; thus, multiple measures should be used with caution.