Graduate Minor in Psychology

(Approved by Faculty Vote on April 11, 2011; change approved 26 Aug., 2013)

The Psychology Graduate Minor at Iowa State University is available for masters and doctoral students seeking to integrate psychological science into their programs of study. A student may not minor and major in the same field.

Requirements for the Graduate Minor in Psychology:

(a)   Matriculated status in a masters or doctoral degree program at Iowa State University.

(b)   Completion of 3 credits of graduate research methods with a grade of B or better (Psych 501, Psych 508, ResEv 554, HDFS 503, Mkt 544, Soc 511, or equivalent).

(c)   Overall graduate cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better.

Required Courses: (12 Graduate Credits Required)

At least 6 credits (2 courses) from 2 of the following 6 groups (I – VI); plus 6 additional graduate credits (500 or 600 level courses) in Psychology from groups I – VI or from more specialized psychology courses*:

I. Biological Bases of Behavior (Psych 510, 519)

II. Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior (Psych 516)

III. Social Bases of Behavior (Psych 580)

IV. Individual Bases of Behavior (Psych 560, 561)

V. Applied Psychology (Psych 621, 542, 595B, 595C, HCI 521)

VI. Historical and Philosophical Foundations (Psych 601)

As per Graduate College requirements, POS Requirements for the Graduate Minor in Psychology Program:


(a) A graduate faculty member from Psychology must serve on the student’s POS committee.

(b) The major professor and the faculty member from Psychology may not be the same person.

(c) The Graduate Minor in Psychology must be approved by the POS committee.

(d) A Graduate Minor in Psychology cannot be added to a graduate degree that has already been received.

(e) A Graduate Minor in Psychology cannot be added to a program of study after the preliminary oral examination has been taken.

(f) For a master’s degree, the final oral examination must test for the Graduate Minor in Psychology. For a doctoral degree, the preliminary oral and final oral examinations must test for the Graduate Minor in Psychology.

*Note: The following courses may not count toward a Psychology Graduate Minor:

     Psych 533                               Psych 538                               Psych 544C
Psych 562                               Psych 594                               Psych 597
Psych 599                               Psych 605                               Psych 633
Psych 691A                             Psych 691B                             Psych 691E
Psych 691F                             Psych 692Q                             Psych 692R
Psych 692T                             Psych 697                               Psych 699