Minor Requirements

Questions???  e-mail the Psych advisers at psychadv@iastate.edu or stop by W022 Lagomarcino between 8:00 and 4:45, students are seen on a walk-in basis only

The Psych minor requires completion of 18 credits in Psychology including:

  • Psychology 101, Introductory Psychology (3 cr, C- min)
  • Psychology 301*, Research Design & Methodology (3 cr, C- min)
    Prereq: 1 Psych course, Statistics 101 [or higher] (C- min strongly recommended)
  • Plus 12 additional credits in Psychology

*To register for Psych 301, the Psych minor must be officially declared.  Students must stop by the Psych Advising Office (W022 Lago) on their assigned registration date (not before) to obtain an add slip for the following term.  Students will only be given an add slip IF seats are available.

*Declaration of the minor does not permit non-Psych majors to register for the Psych major-only sections of Psych courses. 
*Please meet with your primary adviser to obtain a Request for Minor to officially declare the minor.

For a list of Psych course descriptions and syllabi, please go to the Course Information page.

Other policies:

  • Nine (9) credits must NOT be used to meet any other requirements for graduation
    (other than for total and 300+ level credits)

  • A C average (2.00) is required and a C- minimum must be obtained in each course
  • Psychology 111, 112, 131 and 291 cannot be used
  • No more than 3 credits total of the 18 may be in Psych 490, 491 and 492
  • Typically, transfer courses labeled as Psych 1T will NOT be applied
  • At least 9 of the 18 credits must be earned in 300+ level courses
  • Six (6) credits must be taken at the 300+ at ISU with a grade of C or higher
  • ISU policy states that a Request for a Minor MUST be submitted to the students’ college office at least

ONE term BEFORE graduation. In accordance with that policy, students who have not declared the
Psych minor in advance will NOT be guaranteed a seat in Psych 301 for graduation purposes.

  • Different catalog requirements may be used for the major and minor
  • Statistics 101 or 104 (or higher) is a prereq only for Psych 301 and does NOT count as part of the 18 credits for the minor; a C- minimum is strongly recommended.

 **If you are obtaining Teacher Licensure, Psych 440 is recommended after completing Psych 301, especially if you plan on guidance counseling or school psychology.  Students must stop by W022 Lago for an add slip to register after their start date for Psych 440.

**If you are participating in Study Abroad or a National Student Exchange, please read the Psych SA/NSE Checklist.  Courses not approved by the Psych Department ahead of time will not be guaranteed to count nor automatically applied to the minor.

The Minor Request form is on the Registrar’s web page under Forms.