Transfer Students

Transfer Students

We are excited that you are considering transferring to Iowa State University and majoring in psychology!

The Department of Psychology will assist you with your continued academic adventure by preparing you for a vast range of careers or helping you apply for graduate school. The choice is yours! At Iowa State, you’ll have access to supportive academic advisors and faculty who will guide you as you explore your career options. And, you’ll have opportunities to explore the psychology degree through a variety of student clubs and organizations. We even offer a Transfer Learning Community specifically for psychology transfer students, which will help you get acquainted with others new to Iowa State and also jumpstart your psychology adventure.

Iowa State TRANSIT program

Please read the following information about Iowa State’s TRANSIT program. By taking the recommended courses and using the available resources, transitioning to Iowa State’s psychology program will be a smooth process and result in a timely graduation.

If a class does not transfer as a specific Iowa State course and it isn’t listed in the TRANSIT program, it may need to be evaluated by the psychology academic advising department. You may contact the advisors by email at or by calling 515-294-3646.

To be accepted into the psychology program, transfer students must meet the following criteria:

  • Three years of the same high school foreign language or one year of a college foreign language. This may also be satisfied with a 102 level or higher equivalent.
  • A minimum grade of C- in Psych 101 and Stat 101
  • A minimum grade of C for Engl 150 and 250


Email the psychology advising office or call 515-294-3646.

Iowa Community College Transfers

Transferring from an Iowa community college?  Why not consider the Admissions Partnership Program?  This program provides additional opportunities for community college students who are planning to complete their bachelor’s degree at ISU.

Please look at the appropriate degree transfer plan for your community college.