Psychology-Law Concentration

**Dr. Guyll and Dr. Madon are seeking a new graduate student for the upcoming academic year.**

The psychology-law concentration includes a distinguished group of faculty with research interests in criminal confessions, deception detection, eyewitness identification, forensic science, memory, and police interviewing and interrogation. Three faculty affiliate with the graduate program in cognitive psychology (Dr. Jason Chan, Dr. Chris Meissner, Dr. Andrew Smith) and three affiliate with the graduate program in social psychology (Dr. Max Guyll,  Dr. Stephanie Madon, Dr. Gary Wells). Applicants interested in working with faculty in the psychology-law concentration should apply to either the Ph.D. program in cognitive psychology or the Ph.D. program in social psychology. The psychology-law concentration is home to the Stavish Fund for Excellence in Psychology and Law that provides scholarships and fellowships to psychology-law graduate students and the Wendy and Mark Stavish Endowed Chair that supports the psychology-law speaker series. The speaker series brings world-renowned scholars to campus several times per year, thereby broadening the experiences of graduate students and faculty in the psychology department. Please visit the psychology admissions page for information about applying to the psychology-law concentration in psychology. For questions, please contact Sarah Kallsen at or call 515-294-1742.



Dr. Jason Chan
Dr. Max Guyll

Dr. Stephanie Madon

Dr. Christian Meissner

Dr. Andrew Smith
Dr. Gary Wells