Certificate In Quantitative Psychology


Admission Requirements: 3 credits of graduate equivalent courses in Statistics (Stat 402, Stat 404, or equivalent) plus 3 credits of graduate research methods in Psychology (Psych 501 or equivalent). Minimum grade of B+ in all courses required for admission.

Course Equivalencies: All course equivalencies will be determined by the program coordinator, Dr. Marcus Crede’ (mcrede@iastate.edu).

Questions: Direct all questions to Dr. Crede’ (mcrede@iastate.edu).

Forms: Students must complete three forms: Request to Pursue a Certificate in Addition to a Graduate Degree, Certificate Program of Study form, and when all requirements have been met the Certificate Completion form.

Required Courses: (13 Graduate Credits Required)

A. Any one of the following courses (3 credits):

  • Stat 407:   Methods of Multivariate Analysis
  • Stat 421:   Survey Sampling Techniques
  • Stat 447:   Statistical Theory for Research Workers
  • Stat 451:   Applied Time Series
  • Stat 457:   Applied Categorical Data Analysis
  • Stat 479:   Computer Processing of Statistical Data
  • Stat 480:   Statistical Computing Applications
  • Econ 500: Quantitative Methods in Economics

B. Any two of the following courses (6 credits):

  • HDFS 603: Advanced Quantitative Methods
  • Psych 605:  Multilevel Modeling for Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Psych 542:  Introduction to Psychological Assessment
  • Soc 512:     Factor Analysis
  • Soc 613:     Advanced Theory Construction and Causal Modeling
  • ResEv 554: Intermediate Research Methods
  • ResEv 570: Surveys in Educational Research
  • Econ 510:   Experimental Economics
  • Econ 571:   Intermediate Econometrics

C. Any four 1-credit sections of 594 (4 credits)

  • Psych 594A: Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Classical Psychometric Theory (1 cr)
  • Psych 594B: Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Modern Psychometric Methods (1 cr)
  • Psych 594C: Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Construct Validity (1 cr)
  • Psych 594D: Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Multi-dimensional Scaling (1 cr)
  • Psych 594E: Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Cluster Analysis (1 cr)
  • Psych 594F: Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Meta-Analysis (1 cr)
  • Psych 594G: Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Longitudinal Analysis (1 cr)
  • Psych 594K: Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Mediation and Moderation (1Cr)
  • Psych 594L:  Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Missing Data (1 cr)
  • Psych 594M: Quantitative Behavioral Methods: Power Analysis (1 cr)