Certificate In Quantitative Psychology

Certificate In Quantitative Psychology

Requirements for Admission to Certificate Program: 3 credits of graduate equivalent courses in Statistics (Stat 402, Stat 404, or equivalent) plus 3 credits of graduate research methods in Psychology (Psych 501 or equivalent). Admission to the Certificate program requires a minimum grade of B+ in all courses required for admission.  Students must complete the “Request to Pursue a Certificate in Addition to a Graduate Degree” form, found on the Graduate College website to apply to the certificate program.

Required Courses: (13 Graduate Credits Required)

A. Any one of the following courses (3 credits):

Stat 407  Methods of Multivariate Analysis
Stat 421   Survey Sampling Techniques
Stat 447   Statistical Theory for Research Workers
Stat 451   Applied Time Series
Stat 457   Applied Categorical Data Analysis
Stat 479   Computer Processing of Statistical Data
Stat 480  Statistical Computing Applications
Econ 500  Quantitative Methods in Economics

B. Any two of the following courses (6 credits):

HDFS 603  Advanced Quantitative Methods
Psych 605  Multilevel Modeling for Social & Behavioral Sciences
Psych 542  Introduction to Psychological Assessment
Soc 512  Factor Analysis
Soc 613   Advanced Theory Construction and Causal Modeling
ResEv 554  Intermediate Research Methods
ResEv 570 Surveys in Educational Research
Econ 510  Experimental Economics
Econ 571     Intermediate Econometrics

C. Any four 1-credit sections of 594 (4 credits)

Psych 594A. Classical Psychometric Theory (1 cr)
Psych 594B.  Modern Psychometric Methods (1 cr)
Psych 594C.  Construct Validity (1 cr)
Psych 594D.  Multi-dimensional Scaling Techniques (1 cr)
Psych 594E.  Cluster Analysis (1 cr)
Psych 594F.  Meta-Analysis (1 cr)
Psych 594G.      Longitudinal Data Analysis (1 cr)
Psych 594K:      Mediation and Moderation (1Cr)
Psych 594H:  Special topics (1 cr)

Note: Course equivalencies will be determined by the program coordinator: Dr. Marcus Crede’ (mcrede@iastate.edu).

The Graduate College requires students to complete three forms for a certificate (all can be found on the “forms” page of the Grad College Website:
a) the “Request to Pursue a Certificate in Addition to a Graduate Degree” form,
b) the Certificate Program of Study form, and
c) the “Certificate Completion” form when all requirements are completed.

Please direct questions to Dr. Marcus Crede’ (mcrede@iastate.edu).

Psych. 594 planned course offerings 2017-2019

Psych 594 course  Offered
Meta-Analysis Fall 2017
Mediation and Moderation       Spring 2018
Construct Validity Fall 2018
Classical Test Theory         Spring 2019