Beverly Roskos-Ewoldsen

CATEGORIES: Alumni Profiles

BS’83. From August 2003 to December 2004 I served as Interim Chair of Psychology at The University of Alabama. In January 2005 I returned to being Associate Professor of Psychology at Alabama. While at Iowa State I was a late-comer to psychology, having switched majors in my junior year. At ISU I worked with Drs. Gary Phye, Ronald Peters, and Sarah

Nixon. Dr. Norman Scott was my advisor. I had many good experiences at ISU. My graduate training was in cognitive psychology (PhD’89, Indiana University), and my current research area is visuo-spatial cognition. I am pleased to add that in January 2005 my husband David (BS’83 ISU, speech comm; MA’84 Northern Iowa, speech comm; PhD’90 Indiana, speech comm and social psychology) joined the Department of Psychology at Alabama. Our two boys (ages 8, 11) are growing up too fast.