Jerald Catron

CATEGORIES: Alumni Profiles


Very glad to read Psychology News, Vol. 1, No. 1, and the editorial letter by Professor Gibbons. I think having the newsletter and the e-connection via the Psychology Department website are splendid ideas.

To the surprise of my major prof, Norm, I am not selling waterbeds but continue in the practice of psychology, based in Des Moines (only Norm will get this, unless Dave Edwards, whose nickname for me was Chief Broom, also reads this–he’ll get it and laugh, too). I am continually grateful for Norm’s stewardship and mentoring of my experience as a graduate student in the counseling program. He is a peach. I’m glad that he continues to serve in what he must have been born to do. Now I’m married for decades to a woman I met during internship, which was an unexpected perk, and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Happy in my work. Hope you are, as well.

Looking forward to hearing about other graduates–and especially oldsters from the 1970+ era.