Richard L. Burns

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Having just read your excellent article on Dave Campbell, I was moved to write. Dave and I were classmates for both our BS and MS degrees at ISU and I remember well our classes together and our out of class actives.

After I left ISU, I served as Director of Men’s Residence Halls at Iowa State Teachers College (now University of Northern Iowa). In 1960, I moved to Purdue University and got my PH.D. in Counseling in Jan. of 1963. I was married in July of 1961 to Rose Marie Dolan, an Assistant Professor at “TC” whom I had met there. While at Purdue, I served as an Assistant Director of Admissions and worked half time on a College Entrance Examination Board study in Indiana, called the Indiana Prediction Study. In the fall of 1964, I took a job with the Educational Testing Service as an Assistant Program Director. I went to ETS thinking I would stay a couple of years and then go back to higher education in some area of student personnel work.

Some thirty-five years later, I retired from ETS. It seemed that every time I got a little bored they found another challenging job for me. During my ETS years, I did an Executive Degree program at the Columbia University Business School, receiving a Masters degree there in 1980. While at ETS, I served as a program director for several programs, an Executive Director, a team leader on a major reengineering effort, and, for 12 years, as an officer of the corporation.

Over the years, Rose and I have traveled a great deal, both in this country and abroad. I think we have now visited in the neighborhood of 55 or more countries. I stay busy now with travel, pro bono consulting with non-profit organizations, as a member of several not-for profit organizations, and working to feed the poor in Trenton. I also review local restaurants for a weekly paper in our area. We have one daughter who teaches special education in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I was at ISU before it was allowed to give a Ph.D. One of the results, as others who were there at the same time will remember, was that we needed a thesis, a pass grade on a foreign language, and lots of statistics. I had enough statistics at ISU that when I went to Purdue they waived the statistics requirement (though I audited several stat courses). It was an excellent program and prepared me well for my career.

Thanks for starting the Newsletter. I am sure other alumni enjoy it as well.

Dick Burns, ’55, ’59