Psychology Poster Competition: ENTRY FORMS DUE April 19th:

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Calling all psychology students: Please showcase your research at the Annual Psychology Undergraduate Poster Competition.


ENTRY FORMS to participate in the Psychology Undergraduate Poster Competition are due Friday, April 19th. The entry form is easy and quick to complete and all poster submissions are accepted. Presenting your research at the competition is good for your resume and good for graduate school applications. The competition will be held Friday, April 26th, from 4pm-5pm. Please contact Dr. Robert Hessling or Dr. Max Guyll for further information.

Please consider submitting a poster from Psych 302. If enough 302 posters are submitted, there will be a separate judging of them. If you created an electronic poster in Psych 302 that was not printed, but would like to present it at the poster competition, please contact Dr. Robert Hessling by April 19, 2019 about getting a black and white version of the poster printed for the competition.