GSSP Hosts Dr. Helen Harton

November 1, 2019, 12:10-1:30pm | E164 Lagomarcino Hall 

Title: Academic Misconduct: Prevalence and Predictors of Plagiarism, Cheating, and Questionable Research Practices among Students and Faculty

The Graduate Students in Social Psychology (GSSP) are pleased to host Dr. Helen C. Harton. Dr. Harton is a professor of psychology at the University of Northern Iowa where she also serves as the coordinator of graduate studies. She received her PhD in social psychology in 1998 from Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Harton’s talk will describe the results of three studies that investigated the extent to which perceived social norms, moral values, and demographic/contextual factors predicted reports of various types of cheating among college students and questionable research practices among faculty from various departments and types of institutions. More broadly, Dr. Harton has intersecting interests in social influence, attitude change, prejudice, and political psychology.