Congratulations: Lucia Cherep and Jonathan Kelly win Nickerson Award

CATEGORIES: Department News

Congratulations to cognitive graduate student, Lucia Cherep, and cognitive psychology professor, Jonathan Kelly, for winning the 2019 Raymond S. Nickerson Award for the best paper in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied for their paper:

  • Cherep, L. A., Lim, A. F., Kelly, J. W., Acharya, D., Velasco, A., Bustamante, E., Ostrander, A. G., & Gilbert, S. B. (2020). Spatial cognitive implications of teleporting through virtual environments. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. Advance online publication.

Ray Nickerson was the inaugural editor of JEP:A and a best paper is chosen each year by the JEP:A editorial team in conjunction with Division 21 of the American Psychological Association in his honor.  The award is scheduled to be presented to the research team at the 2021 annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in San Diego (Aug 12-15, 2021) during a special session.