The verdict: psychology was a great choice

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Bekha Muta

The verdict: psychology was a great choice

Bekah Muta (’23 psychology, criminal justice) has big dreams. She plans to attend law school, become a criminal prosecutor and someday serve as a federal judge. Bekah credits helpful mentors in the Department of Psychology with keeping her goals on track.

“The psychology department is set apart by its exceptional faculty and staff who take a genuine interest in students while providing advice, support and resources,” Bekah said. “My psychology advisor, Whitney Baker, has been one of the best parts of my undergraduate experience. She encourages me, cheers me on and has made me feel important at Iowa State.”

Bekah’s initial interest in psychology grew out of a fascination with criminal profiling and forensic psychology. Although her career focus has shifted to law, her interest in psychology remained steadfast.

“Psychology is applicable across so many professional areas and would benefit me regardless of career choice,” Bekah said. “I enjoy learning the material in my psychology courses and getting involved in psychology department and campus activities.”

High-impact activities

Bekah has participated in many high-impact opportunities at Iowa State. She’s conducted research in the Department of World Languages and Cultures and analyzed incarceration data for the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice. An internship with the Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) allowed her to investigate the role of evidence in criminal trials.

“At CSAFE, it’s been captivating to collect data, read through criminal trial dockets and transcripts and see parts of the legal system that I otherwise would not have experienced,” she said. “Through research jobs and internships I’ve learned so much from faculty and have been exposed to many areas of Iowa State.”

Bekah has also stepped into leadership roles in the University Honors Program, the Pre-Law Club and Destination Iowa State, which helps new Iowa State students transition to campus life. She also joined the Psychology Club and served as a teaching assistant in the Department of Philosophy.

“There are so many opportunities at Iowa State and getting involved is a great way to develop new skills and discover new interests,” Bekah said.

Relationships matter

Bekah notes that building friendships is just as important as building a career. To expand her social network, she joined Kappa Delta sorority and DubH Club, a hip-hop dance club.

“My best advice for new students is to get involved right away and meet people,” Bekah said.
“Belonging to a sorority, holding a position in your dorm or participating in a club sets you up for success by helping you build a support system.”

Bekah’s busy Iowa State journey reflects her desire to explore a wide range of experiences. In addition to two majors, she will graduate with five minors: French, sociology, philosophy, political science, and women and gender studies.

“I love my undergraduate majors and minors because they are all interesting to me and make education fun,” Bekah said. “My majors and minors overlap and work beautifully with my studies in psychology and plans to attend law school.”