Dr. Meifen Wei

Professor Emeritus



Laboratory: Emotional Regulation and Discrimination lab


Publications and External Links:


Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
University of Missouri-Columbia, 2000

M.S., Counseling Psychology
University of Missouri-Columbia, 1998

M.A., Social Work
Tunghai University (Taiwan), 1985

B.S., Social Work
Soochow University (Taiwan), 1983

Research Interests:

My two general research interests are (1) attachment and psychotherapy, and (2) the coping process in general populations, clinical populations, and diverse populations.

Currently, I have two directions in the attachment research line. First is to explore the mediator and moderator variables between attachment and psychological distress. I would like to examine this line of research from general college populations and diverse populations (e.g., Asian or Asian Americans). Second is to explore the relationship among attachment, attachment to therapist, working alliance, and psychotherapy outcomes in clinical populations.

In term of the coping process research line, I am interested in 1) coping with discrimination and acculturative stress, 2) the mediator and moderator variables in the coping process, and 3) how we can increase a person’s effective ways of coping to reduce the worse consequences (e.g., psychological distress) of ineffective ways of coping.