Psych Club

As a psychology major or minor, you are automatically a member of the Psych Club, however, you must activate your membership by participation. This group gives students an opportunity to meet other psych majors and psych faculty, and learn pertinent information about the program, careers and other opportunities.

Meeting topics vary and include both social events and more formal sessions with speakers in psych-related fields. Meeting dates and times are announced in/on: the Psych Undergrad Weekly Bulletin, the Psych Club bulletin board (by W162 Lago), and near the Advising Office (W022 Lago).

Schedule of events

Coming soon…

Psych Club Officers

President — Joe Foss
Vice-President — Joey Mullins
Secretary — Emma Tilley
Treasurer — Yelim Lim
Events Coordinator — Yijin Wong
Historian — Melissa Van Veldhuizen
Faculty Adviser — Dr. Jon Kelly
Faculty Adviser — Dr. Kristi Costabile

Constitution and By-Laws