Fieldwork and Internships

Psych 492A, Fieldwork Practicum: Human Services

Prerequisites – Junior classification, 12 credits of Psych, permission of instructor, 2.50 GPA. [Satisfactory/Fail grading only]

Students who are interested in gaining experience in a human service agency should consider registering for Psych 492A.  Prerequisites include junior classification and at least 12 hours of Psychology coursework and permission of the instructor.  Students must find their own practicum site and some options are here.  You should start by going the website of the agencies that interest you most, and then follow up with an email or telephone call to the agency’s volunteer coordinator. Some sites request that you apply several months before the semester in which you would like to volunteer with them (e.g., Youth and Shelter Services).  It is not too early to start looking for a placement for summer or fall semester. Each hour of credit requires 3 hours/week at the agency for 15 weeks.  For example, 3 credits would require 9 hours/week at the agency.

All students who are considering Psych 492 for summer or fall are invited to meet with the instructor and students who are currently enrolled in the course on any of the following dates

Enrollment – Involves completion of an “Agreement and Grade Report Form”, obtained from the Advising Office or print [PDF], a scheduled individual meeting with the course supervisor, Dr. Indria Jenkins, and completion of a learning goal statement.  A completed Agreement and Grade Report Form describes the agreed upon activities and the amount of credit.  The amount of credit varies with each project; one credit equals 3-4 hours of work per week for the semester or 45 hours.

Credit Limit – There is a limit of nine (9) credits each for Psych 490, 491, and 492 that may apply towards graduation. These experiences may count as electives and 300+ credits, however, they do NOT fulfill a course requirement.

Supervisor – Dr. Indria Jenkins,, W022 Lago

Syllabus – Click here for the 492A: Human Services syllabus.

Available Agencies –  Students are also encouraged to the People-to-People Career Fair held in September and February (

Click here for a list of potential agencies in Iowa and surrounding states.

Psych 492B, Fieldwork Practicum: Industrial/Organizational Psych
Please review the syllabus for more information on this opportunity or contact Dr. Kathy Hanisch at