Parent Consent Forms

Welcome to the Parent Consent Forms page for research studies conducted by the Department of Psychology at Iowa State University.  On this page you will find links to Parent Consent Forms for research studies in the Department of Psychology that are approved for Minors (individuals not currently 18 years of age) to participate in through the SONA Research Management System.  All of these studies have been approved by the Institutional Review Board of Iowa State University.

One of the requirements of enrollment in the Psychology 101, 230, 280, or Communication Studies 101 is completion of research credit.  This research credit can be obtained in one of two ways.  Students may participate in research studies that are conducted by faculty in the Department of Psychology or students may complete a series of quizzes or short papers related to published research articles.  If minor students wish to participate in research studies, they must first obtain signed parental consent.  Your daughter/son/guardian has expressed interest in participating in a study that is being conducted by the Department of Psychology.  Before s/he can participate we must obtain a signed parental consent form for the relevant study.

Below eligible studies are identified by Name, Identification Number within the Department of Psychology, IRB Identification Number, and Contact Person.  Please locate the study that your daughter/son/guardian would like to participate in, download and sign the appropriate Parental Consent Form, and have the student bring this form to the laboratory at the time of the study.  For on-line studies the student should either deliver the signed form to Sarah Kallsen, SONA Secretary, in W112 Lagomarcino Hall prior to participating in the study.  Or, you may email a scanned copy to

If you have additional questions you may contact the administrator of the Department of Psychology participant pool (, or the investigator listed for the specific study.

The Department of Psychology thanks you for your assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation of your willingness for your minor student to participate in research in the Department of Psychology.


Name of Study Psychology ID# IRB ID# Contact Person
Shortcuts to Better Test Scores 119 17-248 Shana Carpenter