Conference Travel Funds

Travel funds are available from the LAS College and from Student Affairs and the Provost Office through the Undergraduate Conference Travel Fund (UCTF) as described on the Student Affairs webpage.

Additionally, the department of Psychology has a limited pool of money that is available to psychology majors who are presenting work at a Psychology (or psychology-related) Conference.  In order to be considered for the department funds, psychology majors should begin their request for funds at the department level.  The amount received will become part of the information included on the UCTF application that is taken to the LAS College and then to the Provost Office.  The step-by-step application process is described below.   Department funds are distributed first-come, first-served. These are small grants ($100 or less), but we hope they will help you achieve your goal of presenting research at a conference.  Please note that you will be given the money after you return from the conference and provide receipts for your expenses.  However, you should be applying for the grant now because the funding for these grants is limited.

These are the requirements:

  1. You must be an undergraduate psychology major in good
  2. You must be either the first author or the person who will present the paper.
  3. The presentation must take place at a regional, national, or international research conference. (It is OK to request a grant for a completely online conference.)

This is how you apply for the grant:

  1. Complete the application form below and email it to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Hessling (
  2. Applications will be evaluated on the first of each month, and all decisions will be announced one week later.

This is how you get the money:

  1. Again, you are reimbursed after the conference is over.
  2. You must provide appropriate receipts for your expenses to Ann Laws ( in the Psychology Department main office.

Again, $100 is the maximum amount of money awarded.  We will stop giving travel grants when our travel fund no longer has money, so be sure to apply as soon as you can.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Dr. Hessling (

Psychology Undergraduate Travel Grant Application

  1. Name:
  2. E-mail Address:
  3. Name of Conference:
  4. Location of Conference:
  5. Dates of Conference:
  6. Amount Requested ($100 maximum):
  7. What this Money Will Be Used For:
  8. Title of Paper to Be Presented:
  9. Authors on Paper to Be Presented:
  10. Faculty Advisor for the Research:
  11. Abstract that was Submitted to the Conference: