Post-ISU Planning

A psychology background is useful in almost any career that involves the needs of and interactions with people. Desirable skills include interpersonal communication, leadership, teamwork and research. Below are common areas our psychology graduates pursue with a variety of educational backgrounds.


» Bachelor Degree Roles: Adult Learning and K12 Programs, Teacher, Teacher Assistant

» Advanced Degree Roles: Academic/Admissions/Career Counselor, College Faculty, School Counselor, Student Affairs

» Employers: Public and Private K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities, Government Agencies

Human Resources & Business

» Bachelor Degree Roles: Broker, Customer Services, Employee Benefits, Human Resources Coordinator, Insurance,  Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Recruiter, Real Estate Agent, Sales,  Selection, Training and Talent Acquisition

» Advanced Degree Roles: Industrial/Organizational Consultant, Consumer Psychologist

» Employers: Government Agencies, Manufacturers, Private Industry, Retail, Staffing Services, Wholesalers

Medicine & Law

» Bachelor Degree Roles: Corrections/Juvenile/Parole Court Officer, Public Health Social Work

» Advanced Degree Roles: Child Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Geriatric Specialist, Public Health, Sports Psychologist,

» Employers: Colleges/Universities, Government, Hospital, Nursing Homes, Private Practice


» Bachelor Degree Roles: Data/Market/Social Research Assistant

» Advanced Degree Roles: Cognitive/Experimental/Forensic/Health/Social Psychologist, Research Scientist, Nutrition Researcher, Market Research Analyst

» Employers: Government, Higher Education, Industry, Non-Profit and Private Industry Headquarters

Social & Human Services

» Bachelor Degree Roles: Addiction Specialist, After School/Camp Counselor, Caseworker, Family Consultant, Prevention Specialist, Substance Abuse Specialist, Victim Advocate, Youth Counselor/Specialist

» Advanced Degree Roles: Art/Music Therapist, Marriage/Family/Grief/Substance Abuse Counselor, Social Work

» Employers: Government, Non-Profit, Hospital, Nursing Homes, Youth/Community Services


Many students combine their psychology degree with another major (26%) or a minor (56%).  These students often complete courses in the following fields:

A diversity of experiences through coursework, research experience and fieldwork placements can help better prepare students for a wide variety of careers.  Many students also choose to pursue a higher degree of education through graduate and professional programs to enter careers requiring specific training, such as Psychiatry, Counseling, or researching for private or government-run organizations.