Post-ISU Planning

After completing a baccalaureate degree in Psychology students are prepared to pursue a wide variety of options.  Some careers that former students in Psychology from Iowa State have pursued include:

  • paraprofessionals in hospitals and clinics
  • counselors in federal, state, and local mental health, correctional, recreation, rehabilitation, and social service agencies
  • industrial selection and training personnel industrial relations
  • sales and advertising representatives
  • technical writers/reporters
  • research assistants
  • general managerial positions

Many students combine their psychology degree with another major (26%) or a minor (56%).  These students often complete courses in the following fields:

Pre-Law Programs

A diversity of experiences through coursework, research experience and fieldwork placements can help better prepare students for a wide variety of careers.  Many students also choose to pursue a higher degree of education through graduate and professional programs to enter careers requiring specific training, such as Psychiatry, Counseling, or researching for private or government-run organizations.