Summer 2022

Please be aware that:

*course content will vary by semester, year, AND instructor

*the current syllabus describes the current class. Class texts and assignments do not necessarily reflect past or future semesters.

Course Syllabi Instructor
Psych 101: Intro to Psych SS22 Dazzell
Psych 211: Career Opportunities in Psych SS22 Knaplund
Psych 230: Developmental Psych SS22 W Phillips
Psych 280: Social Psych SS22 Machacek
Psych 301: Research Design & Methodology SS22 Sotola
Psych 302: Research Methods in Psych SS22 Macbeth
Psych 386: Media Psychology SS22 El Lim Kim
Psych 422: Counseling Theory and Techniques SS22 Klesel
Psych 440: Psych Measurement SS22 Schwarting
Psych 460: Abnormal Psychology SS22 Cheng
CmDis 471: Language & Reading Development in Children SS22 Venkatagiri