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Attention & Memory Veronica J. Dark Perception, selective attention and working memory as they relate to the current task and state of awareness
Attitudes and Social Cognition Lab Kevin Blankenship Our research focuses broadly on the role of information processing on the formation and strength of attitudes, impressions, judgments, and values.
Identity Development Laboratory Patrick I. Armstrong The effects of attitudes and educational experiences on the identity development process, including interests, values, personality, and future career aspirations.
Media Research Lab Douglas A. Gentile Positive and negative effects of media on children and adults, including media violence, video games, advertising, educational media, news/propaganda, virtual reality, and music
Memory & Education Shana K. Carpenter

Jason C.K. Chan
Research focuses on issues related to human memory. E.g., why do people remember events that never happened to them? How can the principles of cognitive psychology improve educational practice?
Navigation Lab Jonathan Kelly Research in the Navigation Laboratory focuses on how we perceive, remember, and navigate through the environment. Many of the experiments conducted in our lab use immersive virtual reality (VR).
Network Community Counseling Services Nathaniel Wade The clinic offers group and individual counseling as well as training/supervision and research opportunities related to the intersection between psychotherapy and forgiveness, religion/spirituality, and stigma.
Object Recognition Eric E. Cooper Visual cognition; cognitive neuroscience; object and face recognition; implicit memory; memory for visual stimuli
Self and Social Perception Laboratory (SSPeL) Zlatan Krizan In the SSPeL we explore the psychological dynamics underlying people's perceptions of themselves and others, especially in reference to the immediate and broader social context. Particular attention is paid to social comparative, motivational, and personality processes that are involved.
Stigma Research Lab David L. Vogel The Stigma Research Lab investigates how external and internalized stigma effects individuals’ psychological well-being and willingness to seek mental health services.
Social Cognition and Perception Lab Kristi Costabile Research encompasses a range of topics including person perception, attitudes and persuasion, self and memory, and judgment and decision-making.