An academic adviser is usually available on a walk-in basis.
Any office hours changes are posted on the door of W022 Lago (or white board).

Academic Advisers

The first level of advising is the Central Advising Office (W022 Lago; 515-294-1642; staffed by the academic advisers. The academic advisers handle the "technical" details which include course requirements, determining the accuracy of academic records, reviewing course selections, and describing various procedures.



The advisers include:

Kristin Towers, M.S.
Academic Adviser
W022 Lago; 515-294-1642;

Indria Jenkins, Ph.D.
Academic Adviser
W022 Lago; 515-294-3646;

Ashley Phipps, M.Ed.
Academic Adviser
W022 Lago; 515-294-6933;




Faculty Advisers

The second level of advising is the Faculty Adviser.  The faculty adviser handles more content-based questions and is available to discuss students' general concerns including appropriate undergraduate courses, specialty areas for graduate study, research and job opportunities, career goal decisions, and/or referral to additional resources.  The faculty adviser also is available to discuss general student concerns as well as possible solution.

The faculty adviser represents an important contact with a professional academic psychologist, so please don't neglect this valuable resource.  Faculty advisers are typically assigned the second semester in the program; faculty adviser lists are available in W022 Lago.

Contact information for psychology faculty and instructors are posted outside W022 Lago and on the Course Information page.  Appointments are recommended for more extended questions.


Dr. Veronica J. Dark is the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the faculty supervisor of advising. Any concerns about advising or problems not effectively handled by the Central Advising Staff or your faculty adviser should be conveyed to Dr. Dark  (374 Science I; 515-294-1688;